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Terms & Conditions

Please read our policies below, these terms allow us to keep things running consistently smooth & safe. We truly appreciate your cooperation.


We require two sets of keys, 1 main set & 1 backup set. At minimum, the main set MUST have a front door/building key. For time efficiency, we need to be able to enter the premise without having to wait for a doorman or buzzing doorbells. Your main set may also include a mail key if you’ll be away and would like us to retrieve your mail. The backup set may be full or just the apartment if your building key is diffucult to copy.


We require that all dogs be walked using the appropriate leash and collar/harness system for their size and temperment. Certain types of walking equipment may not provide sufficient control for those who lunge or pull, or may not be secure enough, leaving room for a wiggly pup to slip out. These issues can lead to injury to the pup and to the walker. We always carry a spare leash & slip collar to use as backup for extra caution.

Encouraged walking “outfits” include:
•Slip Collars • Martingale Collars • Prong Collars • Gentle Leaders/ Halti Head Collars • EZWalk Front Clip Harness

Discouraged “outfits”:
•Back Clip harness• Flat collar• 

We DO NOT use retractable leashes.


All scheduled dog walks are completed within a designated time window. Our mid-day visits are split into two 4-hour time frames:

-Early-Mid Afternoon (11am-3pm)

-Mid-Late Afternoon (2pm-5pm)

-“Off hours” are Morning (9-11am) and Evening (6-8pm)

This allows flexibilty to account for any unpredictable delays (extreme weather conditions, emergencies, extra cleanup, transportation issues, etc.). During the meet & greet we will discuss the best time window for your pets, as well as note a goal time for reference.


We know your lives are busy and your schedules are subject to change last minute. Getting out of work early? Decided to stay home for the day?

We do not charge same-day/late cancellation fees for weekday walks.
(You’re welcome, we love you too)

We do kindly ask that you make any late cancellations at least 3 hours PRIOR to your reqursted time-window, because during the day we will be out with pets & cannot guarantee that we will see any cancellations made after that. In the event that you cancel after that and we weren’t aware, and DO show up to visit your pet, you will be charged for the visit.


•For regular weekly clients, invoices are sent out every other week for the prior two week billing cycle, and full payment is due within 14 days of invoice date.

•For first time clients, and “once in a while” clients, as well as all overnight packages, payment will be due prior to service.

•We accept checks & cash, and you may also pay online via Credit, Debit, Paypal or Chase QuickPay.

•All services are subject to NY State Sales Tax (8.875%)



Our regular visiting hours are 11am-6pm

Off-hours (before 11 & after 6) +$7

Weekends +$7

(*package discounts available)

•We will always do our best to accommodate you when possible. We even work weekends, holidays, and off hours! Please keep in mind that we are a small and personal team, not a large agency.

•All requests for the full week must be made before 6pm Sunday. For individually requested services, our booking system cuts off requests for the “next day” at 6pm.

•To ensure each pet gets the best care, we cannot take on additional visits once our schedules are full. It is recommended that you request your visit as soon as you think you may need a visit, as we do book up and last minute requests are reserved for emergencies.

•During any holiday, our schedule fills up very quickly. Please make sure to get your requests in as early as possible (preferably at least 15 days-1 month in advance) to ensure availability.

•National and federal holidays will incur a $10 per visit surcharge: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day

Booking Visits

Booking visits is super simple and quick with our online scheduling system. We provide you with a personal & secure account to login to, from there you can request services, keep your information up-to-date, communicate with your designated walker/sitter, and view/pay invoices. 

Outside of your personal account (which includes a message thread with us), we prefer to communicate primarily through email. Please send all general communication to us at Info@DitmasPaws.Com

We try to spend as much attention on the pets that we are taking care of, not on our phone…so texts & phone calls are not ideal. We check our email often throughout the day and we will respond as soon as possible. (As a regular client, you will have our phone number, and of course, you may use it incase of emergency.)

(If you interested in becoming a client, please fill out our NEW CLIENT FORM)

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